Discourse forum continuous loading

The discourse forum just keeps loading and the error below is logged on the browser console while trying to load the discourse forum.

Compile error: TypeError: \"Cannot assign to read only property 'message' of object 'SyntaxError: Unterminated string constant. (1:28) - make sure this is an expression.\\n\u003e 1 | (function() { console.error(\\\"/discourse/theme-4/discourse/widgets/header-contents: SyntaxError: Unexpected token (17:8) - make sure this is an expression.\\n    |                             ^\\n  2 |   15 | _r.push(this.attach(\\\"floating-search-input\\\", attrs));\\n  3 |   16 | _r.push(\\\"\\\\n    \\\");\\n  4 | \u003e 17 | _r.push(if);'\" (discourse/widgets/header-contents.js)"

It seems one of your themes is having some issues. If you enter safe mode you should be able to disable it and debug it further from there. :+1: