Discourse refuses to load if you are a bad theme debugger

A bunch of times lately on more than one at-least-mostly-standard-installs, when using discourse_theme to work on a theme, the site has refused to load, with something like this:

So a whole bunch of scripts just wait and fail to load.

And then, at some point, it loads again. I’ve tried doing stuff like disabling the theme, restarting the container, and so on. Eventually it starts loading again, but I don’t know why or how to get it to do it in, say, 1 minute instead of 5-10.

Maybe it’s a browser thing since this time if I open the site in an incognito window it loads just fine?

EDIT: Or maybe it’s just about RAM. This time restarting Chrome and VScode and closing a bunch of stuff solved it. I guess 16GB of ram isn’t as much as I thought it was. :person_shrugging: