Discourse Forum not working with Digital Ocean

I am using digital ocean and the one click discourse installation. I followed other videos that used this way and worked but when I was doing the installation, some things didn’t pop up like in the videos. Like I wasn’t asked if the email would have admin privileges.

I can’t connect to the forum when I type it in the browser. I have no clue what is going on. Any help would be appreciated.


You should start over following the Discourse official Standard Installation

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Thanks! Would I have to delete the droplet I have then create a new one without the discourse selected from the market?

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That’s the recommended way to go.

My login is incorrect every time I type it in. I am using a password instead of a ssh. Do I need to use a ssh? Or can I do root@?


I am getting this error " This site can’t be reached

forum.blitzmemory.com took too long to respond.

Not sure what to do from here

I would assume your app would already be started, but maybe you could log into the droplet and check the launcher if the app has been started?