SSH Login asking me to configure discourse forum

Hi everyone,

I’m attempting to login to my discourse via digitalocean and terminal on my mac.

When I connect to the server I am getting the ‘Thanks for using the DigitalOcean Discourse Application Image’ despite already having the forum up and running on the subdomain.

The message proceeds to ask me for an email address as admin, hostname (domain or subdomain) and the SMTP server details.

As I mentioned, the forum is already configured via the droplet on digitalocean and I use the root@ip of that droplet to sign in.

I’m trying to do an update along with plugin install and can’t seem to figure out how to even log in…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi and welcome, @jcmckay :slight_smile:

Digital Ocean’s 1-click Discourse installation is not recommended here as it is an unsupported-install. Unsupported installs are often more difficult to troubleshoot, and you’ll find more help if you use a standard install.

I hope this helps!


I think you just need to type a control-c to quit their script.

As pointed out, this is part of why it’s not really recommended, as they don’t really document that about it.