Discourse-github not posting any linkback

After installing the plugin and configured;

  • enable discourse github plugin
  • github linkback enabled
  • github linkback projects
  • github linkback access token (token with public_repo enabled)

I tried via curl like so;
curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: token *token*' https://api.github.com/repos/*project*/issues/*id*/comments -d '{"body": "test"}' and that works, so the token is valid.

Then I create a topic and post a link to a pull request, but no comment appears on github.
Not finding any logs regarding it either

Any tips?

  • Discourse - 2.6.0 (via docker)
  • discourse-github - 0.3 (9967e0c)

Same issue we’re having. Is there a Queued job to be aware of, or any pointers to error logs?

Having a look deeper into the plugin’s code to hopefully see if there was parameters that need to be met and found the following.

!!(SiteSetting.github_linkback_enabled? &&
      SiteSetting.enable_discourse_github_plugin? &&
      @post.present? &&
      @post.post_type == Post.types[:regular] &&
      @post.raw =~ /github\.com/ &&
      Guardian.new.can_see?(@post) &&

Now I don’t know all the variables but the post.topic.visible would that mean it needs to be in a public category for it to be linked back? My first couple of attempts where in categories that were only visible to the moderators that didn’t seem to work, is that a possible reason it didn’t work or through an error?

Any insight on the other parameters/requirements would be much appreciated.