GitHub Plugin: Issue Mentions Linkback

I need a little help, if someone has a few moments. I’m a little confused about this plugin, so some guidance for a semi-techie person would be appreciated.

  1. We use github for our repositories for our site’s development. We use Discourse for our tech support regarding that site.
  2. There is an option for github linkback enabled : “Link GitHub issues back to forum discussions”
  3. This is exactly what I want to do: Link Github’s reported issues to the forums (privately, preferably, currently I’m just linking the issues in a whisper on the reported post.)

I’m not interested in pull requests nor badges at this time. This is primarily for internal tech support. Our current basic flow is users report issues to me in the forums, I hang tickets, dev moves from there.

How do I do that? I have figured out how to generate an access token, but that’s about all I’ve figured out. The instructions don’t tell me what to do once I’ve enabled the appropriate functionality. Our repository is private, which may affect this.

A little handholding is basically requested for this (or a “no, this plugin doesn’t do what you need it to” as the case may be.)

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Can you expand a bit on your current process and what you hope will be improved with the plugin.


So right now we have a category for users to make reports about things that aren’t working with our main site. We gather as much information as possible, then I create a Github issue for our dev team to review. I bounce a lot back and forth between the two, collecting data, recording usernames, etc for the dev team. I would like there to be easy linkback between the two so that the devs can find relevant threads and ask questions directly if needed, and for me to be able to more easily find the GitHub issues. Right now, I’m doing that by just pasting the thread link in a comment on the issue, and the same in the forums with a whisper with the issue number.

Ultimately, I think we WOULD like to pull in more development from our community, so this would be the first steps along that road, but that’s a ways down the road.


So basically if you post this on your forum

You want a magical post to be made on issue#212 pointing at the forum?


I think that’s what I’m asking for, yes!