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Just adding my voice, would love to see this functionality to have the same kind of behaviour with Github Issues as with commits and PR’s.


I am open to a PR that adds support for something here, getting security right is tricky, we have done something in discourse code review but you need a token and you don’t want it to be your token, instead one of a throwaway github account that has no access to repos you care about.


We are trying this and don’t believe it’s working so it’s possible the configuration is not correct?

  • is the plugin limited to github projects that we own and create?
  • can github badges be assigned to any contribution?
  • where should the github linkback projects and github badges repos link to? issues? staging? develop?

Can someone use Discourse github as an example? github.com/discourse/discourse

A question that came up recently: why aren’t we populating the admin badges page with the badge SQL? This has caused some confusion thinking that the badges aren’t working due to missing SQL, when the issue was in fact mismatched emails.

Other built-in badges (from core) show the SQL.

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It’s because the badge granting uses some pretty complex ruby logic. There are a few similar core badges (e.g. First Emoji) which use ruby logic for granting. Maybe we should add some text to ‘automatic’ badges which have no SQL to avoid confusion.

(Also, note that most sites don’t have badge SQL enabled, so this confusion is limited to ‘power users’ who have enabled the setting.)


I do think that would help. Especially as those “power users” are the ones more likely to be looking at badges in detail.


It seems the plugin currently suffers from using a deprecated github authentication mode. So, the owner of the github organization/project will get warning mails like these (since this or last week):

On your application XYZ used an access token (with the User-Agent Faraday v1.0.0) as part of a query parameter to access an endpoint through the GitHub API.

The underlying problem seems to have been fixed in octokit but maybe not yet released. Once there is a release discourse-github needs to update the dependency and release a new version.

(We are having the issue on a hosted instance, so hopefully the fix will trickle down to that soon, for now we disabled the plugin)


We plan to upgrade this in the next day or 2, the new gem supporting the new method of auth was just released today. cc @david


The discourse-github plugin is now updated:

We’ll be rolling these changes out to our hosting in the coming days, but if you let me know your site address (here or by PM) I can fast track it for you @jrudolph.


Hey everyone. I recently ran into this

Does that look to you as if it is a problem on my system, or an actual broken dependency in this plugin that needs updating by maintainers? If so, is that an issue that you are aware of, or should I report it somewhere?

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The error I see in the error logs from your other post is Gem::MissingSpecError: Could not find 'addressable' (>= 2.3.5). It is possible that this issue has been fixed by the commit that bumps Octokit to 4.16. Have you tried installing the Discourse GitHub plugin again?


Nope, sorry. Same error.

Let me make sure I’m doing this as expected: I am simply running the rebuild again, hoping the git clone will get the updated plugin, is there anything else I should be doing?

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Are you on tests-passed?

I’m not sure, how can I check that? It’s a Docker install of Discourse, for production.

It’s the default, so if you set it up you’d probably remember changing it. So this probably isn’t why your upgrade isn’t working


Thanks a lot for the quick turn around. No need for a fast track but would be good to know once it has been deployed to the hosted instances. What will be the version of the fixed plugin?

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The plugin version is 82044bf, although we don’t display that anywhere on hosted sites. If you’re on our free, standard or business tiers, then you already have this update :slight_smile:

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Great! It shows version 0.3 on the Admin/Plugins screen, but it’s unclear how that would map to commits:


Thanks, anyway!



Is there any way to translate the name and description of badges ?
I run a Discourse in a non English speaking community and it would be great.

I have tried to edit the existing badges but somehow it seems that the plugin find them by their names because when changing them, the plugin just recreate new badges with the English names and descriptions.

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I need a little help, if someone has a few moments. I’m a little confused about this plugin, so some guidance for a semi-techie person would be appreciated.

  1. We use github for our repositories for our site’s development. We use Discourse for our tech support regarding that site.
  2. There is an option for github linkback enabled : “Link GitHub issues back to forum discussions”
  3. This is exactly what I want to do: Link Github’s reported issues to the forums (privately, preferably, currently I’m just linking the issues in a whisper on the reported post.)

I’m not interested in pull requests nor badges at this time. This is primarily for internal tech support. Our current basic flow is users report issues to me in the forums, I hang tickets, dev moves from there.

How do I do that? I have figured out how to generate an access token, but that’s about all I’ve figured out. The instructions don’t tell me what to do once I’ve enabled the appropriate functionality. Our repository is private, which may affect this.

A little handholding is basically requested for this (or a “no, this plugin doesn’t do what you need it to” as the case may be.)

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