Discourse Installation Packages from Literate Computing

While many are aware of the classic $99 install package that I have been doing for hobbyists for two years now, I would like to make it widely known that I also have a range of installations for those who need more fully-featured installs. (And I really recommend the Lite Install that includes https to anyone who’s not going to go and turn on https themselves.)

Having done several hundred installations, my process is highly automatized. My script sends very clear instructions, I am very experienced in helping people understand how to set the requisite DNS records and troubleshoot problems with Mailgun.

When you place an order with your Mailgun and Digital Ocean API keys I run a script that automatically creates the droplet, creates the domain on Mailgun, installs Discourse and sends you instructions for what to do next. When you get your DNS in place, I get a notification so I can check your mailgun config and enable https.

If you need custom plugins, 2-container installs, or installation on something other than Digital Ocean, I can do that too.

If you’ve got an emergency or just need an upgrade, I’ve got you covered there too!


Very good! Happy to echo this on our Twitter


Can you do an install on my KnownHost.com VPS?

It’s usually a bad idea to do an install if you have cpanel installed. If you can install docker, it could work, though. You can contact me at the address in my profile to discuss it.


Hi Jay,

It’s not looking good for Docker. It needs to be run in the
Cloud. As I understand it. My current VPS isn’t in the cloud to
upgrade to the cloud VPS (XEN Platform), is another $20/month.
That just isn’t in the budget when I’m just starting out.



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Are you locked into knownhost.com? Depending on your Discourse site, you can easily run on a Digital Ocean droplet for $5-$10/month. ($5 for a small site, $10 for a medium size one — I have a 1500 member community on a $10 droplet).


How many users will a $5 subscription allow? How easy is it to upgrade a subscription to $10 when I need it? Will it increase the number of members automatically with an upgrade. Or will I need to also tinker with the Discourse Settings? I presume the number of posts must also be considered for the sizing. I imagine that would be small at the beginning also.

Resizing CPU and RAM takes a reboot. For storage there are several approaches.


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