Discourse iOS app doesn't clear notifications until you return to the forum selection screen

I have a few forums configured in my Discourse iOS app, so they can all send me notifications. The Discourse app is on my home screen, so I see a red number there.

But there’s an annoying issue: the red number doesn’t clear itself when I clear the notification; I have to return to the forum selection screen to actually clear the notification.

To repro:

  1. Sign up for at least two forums in the Discourse iOS app.
  2. Receive a notification in one of them. (Now the app has a red number on it on the iOS home screen.)
  3. Tap on the Discourse iOS app. You’ll see the notification on one of your forums.
  4. Tap on the forum, then tap on the notification number in the upper right, and Dismiss All. Now you’ve cleared your notifications as far as Discourse is concerned.
  5. Without returning to the forum selection screen, push the iOS home button (or swipe up from the bottom) to return to the iOS home screen.

Expected: Since I’ve cleared my notifications on the forum, the app’s red number should go away.

Actual: The red number remains. If you tap on the app again, you’re back in the forum with no notifications. You have to use the down arrow in the lower-right corner to return to the forum selection screen, which then refreshes the notification list. Once the numbers on the forum selection screen are gone, then the red number goes away.

I wish instead that the forum’s WebView would/could notice that it’s being viewed inside the Discourse app; if the notifications are cleared in the forum, it should send a message to the app, inviting it to refresh that forum’s notification number in the background.


I have notice that as well, but never thought in reporting it.

Sometimes there is an delay in clearing the notification or new (x) notice

There’s a beta of the iOS app out with a fix for this issue: Join the Discourse Hub beta - TestFlight - Apple

Note that your Discourse site also needs to be up to date, and the fix applies only to the “Dismiss” button in the user menu.


DiscourseHub 1.8.2 includes this feature and is now available in the App Store.