iOS app: viewing first forum erases notifications of second

I use the iOS app.

I have 4 forums in it but mostly use the top 2.


  1. Open app
  2. See there are new/unread notifications for all forum list items
  3. Tap first/top forum list item to visit it
  4. Read until no new/unread and go back to hub list using the down arrow toolbar icon
  5. Look at the second forum list item


  • notifications should still be on second forum list item


  • notifications disappear from first forum list item
  • (notifications are at the forum when you visit it)
  • third and fourth forum list items are unaffected


  • visit the second forum before the first
  • when you return to the hub list notifications will still be on first forum list item

I cannot reproduce this, but I am running a new (unpublished) beta of the app with a refactored home list. I will let you know when the new beta is available for testing.


Trying to reproduce this morning and can’t, but it happens regularly so my steps must be wrong. I’ll revise soon.


What I think is happening:

  1. I use my pc to fully read the second forum
  2. later I use my phone hub app
  3. notification labels are out-of-date, showing unread posts on second forum
  4. for some reason they don’t refresh when I open the app
  5. I read the first forum
  6. when I return to hub list it is refreshed
  7. notification labels are now up-to-date, second forum has already been read

Does this make sense?

I haven’t renamed the thread as yet.


So the correct report would be “long delay or no notice of notifications refresh on app open” ?


Maybe, if somebody can reproduce this!