Discourse is amazing! Thank you all

Hi all,

I just wanted to say thank you for all you do, you have created a truly excellent forum software. Simple to use, cute graphically, above all innovative and complete… and free.

The installation at the beginning was a bit problematic but in the end just follow the excellent tutorials on the forum. And then also the import of the database from Mybb, it was not a walk at all but in the end, after weeks of struggles I managed it alone! So if I did it anyone can do it, with a little patience.

Thank you very much!

My site (I’m still getting comfortable):


Yes, it is great, impressive stuff!


Thanks for using Discourse! We’re happy that you are enjoying it. Remember we have a brilliant team who work hard everyday to improve their product. If you need any help just ask us here on meta! :blush: :discourse:


Hey thanks for the praise! Everyone is working hard to make Discourse as awesome as we can, so I’m really glad that you are enjoying it.

What was it about starting or finding the initial install documentation that was difficult to begin? Or was it mostly just the intimidation factor of trying out + installing new software, because I totally get that as well :wink:


Hi, yes above all the intimidation to installing a new software.

I have always used “easy” software such as Mybb and Wordpress: you upload files via FTP, create the database, install it and finish, no lines of code.
Fortunately I know a little bit of code because with Mybb I used a VPS, where I had to install LAMP, security etc but I never never never used Ruby.

And then a cloud server must be used, you can’t use a shared server. The biggest concern, for me, is the security.
Having no PHP etc installed, I should be safe enough, right? I just have to worry about block SSH access. Instead with the other forums you must have also installed LAMP and therefore many more things to keep updated.

Yes, this is a rather intentional choice, and we view it as the future. Shared servers are gonna go the way of the dodo eventually.