Discourse logins into Drupal 8/9

Hi there, I wonder if that could be done. I’m using Drupal in my own domain (and server) and Discourse at subdomain.

I checked DiscourseConnect but it works in reverse side. I have users registered in Discourse and I want to keep the logins from a Discourse group into a new private blog section at Drupal 8 (with plans to update soon to D9).

I really don’t know how much it could cost but you can give a price quotation and I can analyze it.



DiscourseConnect can act as an identity provider as well, but there currently is no Drupal module that can act as a client.

This would be more a Drupal project than a Discourse project, so maybe it’s better to ask this in a Drupal forum.

Nevertheless, our PHP skills are pretty good. We estimate this project to be in the 1-2k USD range. If you’re interested in discussing this further, please send me a PM.


Nice! I’ll check some offers and then send you a PM but I take your recommendation too (ask for Drupal development not Discourse).


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