Drupal 8 and Discourse shared SSO


I was wonder if anyone has tried doing this or has any tips on how to do this.

We have a Drupal 8 site and a Discourse forum. Both systems use an external site that uses Laravel Single Sign-On.

What we are trying to do is if you are logged into the Drupal 8 site, you are automatically logged into Discourse. We are using a customized version of OAuth2 Basic so we can do role management between the system so we can modify as we need to for the Shared Session between the sites.

Drupal is setup as a Subdomain xxxxx.samemaindomain.com
Discourse falls under that: yyyyyy.xxxxx.samemaindomain.com

Does anyone have any advice on how to move forward with this issue?

Thanks ahead of time.

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I think you can make this work fine with DiscourseConnect. Discourse queries Drupal to verify a login using DiscourseConnect, and Drupal queries Laravel via oauth.

The discourse_sso Drupal contrib module works OK, but it lacks a mechanism for updating of Discourse data when the Drupal user is updated and a working mechanism for logout syncing in both directions.

For these reasons I’ve done most of the work on a better Discourse module for Drupal. Mainly it needs tests. Interested in collaborating?