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Sorry, I couldn’t find suitable topic. And the right person to tag. So, please move this if/when needed.

This plugin:

It does everything I need. It helps a lot when a random visitor doesn’t want to create a new account right away, but one needs to ask or comment.

But. There is two issues.

Minor one is AFAIK no tools to unsubscribe without creating an account when a stage user moves to ordinary one.

The major issue is subscribing itself. All is needed is just an email address. Anyone can give what email he/she wants and that’s it. That is too easy tool to start spamming or pollute someone’s email — and… there is no tool to unsubscribe.

Are those fixable? Hopefully, because the plugin is otherwise nice tool to help engaging random visitors.


Suspect it came from this discussion: Watch topic using email address without requiring registration so there is arguably already a topic for this where you could grab the authors attention.

Yes, the controversial issue was creating users out of unverified email addresses and then attempting to send them emails?

Perhaps you can negotiate with the author to add the enhancements you seek?

That’s what I’m trying :wink: The readme.md has unfinished link to here so I was hoping the author can be reached this way — I don’t believe there is a dev coding plugin to Discourse, but is not here. And I feel GitHub quite difficult platform for that.

Well, no can do. I’ll uninstall the plugin because now it is just promising, but not usable.

Just reply to one his posts?

Sure. Earlier I didn’know who I should try to reach. But thanks to you now I know (still, without reading your link, yet, I reckon there should be a new topic for this plugin and its issues; and yes, PM is one option too :smile: )

I’ll continue somewhere else — we are turning now to off-topic meta.

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I agree with you it’s tricky to find the right place to discuss a repo on meta when it doesn’t have an existing Topic :+1:t2:

Hi. I had to shelve this project for a while to tend to some other things. I got ahead of myself by getting in to setting up a forum before I was really ready to use it.

This is always true. When you provide an email to create a use account, it can be any email since you are just typing it in. However, you also have to confirm the email address is yours by clicking on a link in a confirmation email. This plugin does not change that.

I think there is some persistent confusion over what this plugin does. All it does is create a staged user in Discourse without requiring the user to enter a password up front. It does this by using existing Discourse internals originally meant to support users that interact with Discourse only by email. That’s really the only thing new here.

This is an interesting point. The current behavior is whatever Discourse’s default staged user behavior is. I’m honestly not sure if the user would receive notice emails in their inbox if they haven’t confirmed their email address or not. I would hope the answer is ‘no’, but I’m not sure. I need to look into that.

If the answer is in fact ‘no’, then there is no need for an unsubscribe function because you were never really subscribed in the first place.