Discourse mail issue

Hello, there is a problem with my mail domain smtp.yandex.com, when i’m trying to setup discourse at my debian server. Problem is readtimeout when i trying to use my credentials with port 465, port 587 is forbidden for use by yandex and port 25 just closed. Was found some information about this issue with yandex and advice is - for discourse use Mailgun. So, now i try to find another way. At the same server was installed postfix, who can easily auth with the same creds on smtp server and now i’m looking a way to force them work together. I mean how to make postfix communicate with discourse instead of default mail-application, using my postfix configuration? Is it possible? Glad for any ideas, thx. Discourse was installed with this instruction: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md

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Welcome to meta, @engs! Glad you are here.

Email is complicated, which is why using a service like mailgun is highly recommended. Also email deliverability can be hit or miss, even if you get it going on your own server, because of IP address reputation.

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Sounds like a networking issue. You’ll need to work it out with your firewall or hosting provider.

Then you’ll need to configure your mail server to allow Discourse to connect. It’s easiest (at least from the Discourse perspective) if you assign a password.

There are a zillion things that make running a mail server hard. FWIW, back when email was easy, I ported sendmail and UUCP to Linux and ran my own mail server for a decade. I have tried a couple times to set up a mail server and haven’t yet bothered to be successful.

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