Latest topics on homepage with only members to read in detail?

We have a forum that’s currently set up as member-only, and therefore, the homepage is a simple log in page.
Is it possible to make the home page like the Discourse home page, but only members can read the content of the posts? i.e. if one wants to click on a topic it will lead to the log in page.

Thank you!

Yes, precisely.
Is there an existing plug in?

I think there’s a number of preview type plugins @dax?

Of course!

These are the most useful plugins. They are not official and we cannot guarantee that they are maintained by their authors in the long run:

An alternative solution is to use private categories for members only and public for other users to entice them to pay a subscription to read protected content. It can be done using the Discourse Subscriptions official plugin or, if a WordPress main site exist, with the Memberful plugin and other simlilar services.


wonderful suggestions. Thank you so much!