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:discourse2: Summary Discourse Mermaid lets you create very powerful graphs using the Mermaid syntax.
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```mermaid height=200
graph TD;
  A --> B;

Learn more about the Mermaid syntax on the official website: Mermaid | Diagramming and charting tool

:warning: Graphs won’t be rendered in emails


Name Description
svg icons
Translation Default

<b>Error</b><p>Please ensure your mermaid code is running on <a href=‘https://mermaid.live/’>mermaid.live and indented with 4 spaces, eg: <pre><code> flowchart TB
A → B</code></pre></p>

insert_mermaid_sample Mermaid chart

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Check documentPerform check on document:

Chart does not display icon when you use fontawesome:

I failed when I tesed with this:

flowchart LR
    A>fas:fa-plane-departure Airline] -->|11/04/2024| B

But it is ok if you test here:

A feature request has been posted here:


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Is it possible to generate an SVG instead of PNG?

Hi, welcome :wave:

This doesn’t generate an image. It renders an SVG HTML element. If you refer to the example in the first post, it is meant to be a screenshot of the result. I understand it might be confusing. You can see a live example below:

graph TD;
  A --> B;

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