Question for fellow Data people here

I’m looking for documentation/logic on how the metrics in the admin section of our Discourse site are defined (users of different trust levels, views, webcrawler views specifically).

I’m a data engineer whose company( self-hosts a Discourse forum. I’m an admin on that site. We currently pull in all of the Discourse data through a reliable industry ETL tool called Stitch. My issue is, the data I am seeing in my data warehouse in the appropriate schema does not match what Discourse reports in its admin section, so I’m trying to locate some documentation on how those metrics are calculated.

For example, discourse tells me I have 56k trust level 0 users. What is that number? How are they defining it? It does not match the data I am seeing for unique users, registered users, unique IPs, unique usernames, unique emails, etc.

As for page views, Discourse is reporting wildly different numbers than the TOPIC_VIEWS table I am getting through Stitch. And, how is Discourse defining a regular page view versus a webcrawler pageview? There is no metadata in the TOPIC_VIEWS table which defines each page view type.

Any help you can provide here would be appreciated

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I’m not sure if these are helpful but there’s: