Discourse New User Tips and Tricks


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If you’re new to Discourse, here are a few quick tips and tricks to get you started: Reading Selecting a topic title will always take you to your last read post in the topic. To enter at the top ↑ or bottom ↓ instead, select the reply count or last reply date. Topics above the…

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If there are any other tricks and tips – non-obvious essentials that every new Discourse user should know, please provide suggestions on that here.

(Andrew Waugh) #4

As a newbie to Discourse, and being silly enough to volunteer to be a moderator just as we went live on the new platform I felt a distinct need for a “New Moderator tips and tricks” topic. Meta had most of the information I was looking for, but it appears as mixed in with more technical admin information.

How about a similar theme for new mods?

(Jeff Atwood) #22

I believe that is over at Discourse Moderation Guide