Discourse New User Tips and Tricks

This is a really helpful post.
Thanks for sharing this.

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Awesome topic!

So I will share a tip. At times you might be a designer or simply a mod. Someone decides up the chain to change the domain name!

This breaks the links on the site! I am sure there might be a command line option to rebake posts?

I am not sure the procedure off hand.

However there is a way we can alleviate this issue as these are internal links.

This link for example might be used as follows


[First Post Here](https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-new-user-tips-and-tricks/54341?u=heliosurge)

Same link with https://domain striped.

[First Post Here](/t/discourse-new-user-tips-and-tricks/54341?u=heliosurge)

Try it First Post Here

Now maybe you don’t want to be racking up badges for links simply remove in my case ?u=hekiosurge

No more credits for the link. :smirk: You can also use this to credit another user by swapping your name with theres. :grin:

Now we have learned with the Share Link Shortner Theme-component we can strip a lot of extras out of it.

Now see how much shorter the link can become with topic name removed.

[First Post Here](/t/54341)

First Post Here

This of course only works for internal links. but can be quite handy.