Discourse no bump Plugin is too restrictive

The no bump plugin has become so restrictive it is stopping people from even sending PMs to each other.

The same “Please wait for others to participate” message is shown to people when they reply to a PM.

Are you certain it’s the discourse-no-bump plugin?
I’m not seeing an “allow others to participate”, I see

Assuming that’s the message you meant, I’m guessing that instead of using the Invite or editing their existing post members are using @ mentions in a second post?

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Yes I’m certain that this is being triggered by the no bump plugin, Because the error matches the no_bump_error when a fellow was trying to pm me.

As soon as I reduced the no bump trust level, the issue disappeared.

@eviltrout did anything change with the plugin recently? Should PMs be blanket ignored?


Nothing changed, but I do believe PMs should be ignored: