Discourse not loading on legacy browsers

What about this @david

if (!String.prototype.replaceAll) {
	String.prototype.replaceAll = function(str, newStr){

		// If a regex pattern
		if (Object.prototype.toString.call(str).toLowerCase() === '[object regexp]') {
			return this.replace(str, newStr);

		// If a string
		return this.split(str).join(newStr);


I changed the string branch of the solution you shared, so it fixes converting Strings to Regex without escaping.


I don’t think that will work when a function is passed as the second argument:

"my string with my example".replaceAll("my", (match) => `test${match}`)

(docs on the function can be found here)


I am using an iPad Air with iOS version 12.5.5. The latest version of Chrome browser available for this tablet won’t load Sketchup forum. I get the same banner message mentioned in several of the previous posts. Is there any way to fix this issue other than upgrading to a new iPad?

Sounds good to me :+1:

I think this should do it:


Hmmm, while this fixes using Discourse on MacOS Mojave, it appears that iOS 12.5.5 also fail our globalThis check.

Do we want to polyfill that too?


Yea! The site (both Discourse and Community.Jenkins.io) seem to be working OK again on the legacy browsers; I can see contents and can post (on Jenkins and here).

Most appreciated all the effort it took to resolve this; seemed much more involved than I expected.

Now, if I can only convince StackOverflow to revert their breaking changes (for a 2nd time) and restore functionality for legacy browsers. They did it once but their new attitude seems to be blame the user.


Yes, this forum is working again on iOS 12.2, though https://support.last.fm/ still isn’t (maybe they need to update something?)
Again thank you for your time fixing it

Keep in mind, our biggest focus is on not breaking old browsers. A blank page is simply not acceptable, not even on ancient browsers. A readonly view is acceptable.

The tricky thing that happened here is that we have some browsers that are in a twilight state, not exactly supported and not exactly not supported, sadly they got a white page treatment.

We are thinking of better approaches going forward to avoid regularly hitting these issues as our minimal browser version number creeps up.


Just to clarify, some of our users on https://support.last.fm/ are still reporting problems: Mobile view of this forum is broken - #6 by tutibins - Get Help - Last.fm Support Community

Has this fix been deployed to hosted sites yet?

If so, that would suggest a theme/component we’re using or our custom css is breaking it, but I don’t want to fiddle with that stuff if the fix hasn’t deployed yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for looking into this.

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Hi Jon - this change hasn’t been deployed out to all our hosted sites yet. But I’ll get that process started now - it should hit your site in the next hour or so.


It is now working!
Thank you!

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Brilliant, thanks David. :+1:


When will the change be deployed to forums.sketchup.com?

Deploying right now! :slight_smile:


I am reopening cause some people are still having issues.

The plan:

  1. remove, browser_update_user_agents we don’t want to feature detect with that anymore.
  2. Add optimise_traffic_on_modern_mobile_browsers (default true) - if users have a supported mobile user browser (modern chrome / safari) we will optimise transport by avoiding shipping the HTML payload.
  3. Some basic design work on crawler / html view - (improve styling / padding / margins) and so on by @Designers

@Falco how does this sound?

I will see if I can get to this next week, if not will get it assigned internally the week after.


Sounds :+1:

Be careful when testing on Meta, the tableless design experiment here regressed our crawler view quite a bit.

People on early iOS 12 still fail to boot the app because they lack window.globalThis. You can easily repro that on Browserstack. We need to ship the HTML no-script content for those folks. Your plan step 1 will solve that.


I made a minor PR to make these views more readable:


Looks amazing, I also left a comment on a PR. Google does mobile first indexing, so we have to test a mobile resolution carefully, cause that is the general consumer of this view.