Discourse not working on private AWS EC2

We have setup discourse on AWS private EC2 and we have mapped private IP of EC2 in AWS Route 53(DNS hosting).

On running /discourse-setup getting below which means ec2 machine is able to connect with domain mentioned in Route 53
Hostname for your Discourse? [testkb4.dryice-aws.com]: testkb4.dryice-aws.com
Checking your domain name . . .
Connection to testkb4.dryice-aws.com succeeded.

On running ./discourse-doctor getting below:

Discourse version at testkb4.dryice-aws.com: NOT FOUND
Discourse version at localhost: NOT FOUND

When we are providing EC2 public IP in route 53(DNS hosting) everything is working fine. Will discourse set up run only with public IP or elastic IP of EC2 machine.

Pl. help us in this.

Deepak Bisht

The standard install gets a certificate from let’s encrypt. That requires a public ip. If you need the server not to be accessible from the public internet you’ll have to do some unsupported install, perhaps with a certificate that you obtain some other way or behind a reverse proxy that has a certificate. Running without a certificate isn’t really supported.

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Thanks Jay for your response. Can you suggest any unsupported installation of this.