30 Min Installation - Public IP Address/ Domain Access with AWS

Hi, I tried to take a crack at the quick installation using the recommended 18.04 Ubuntu setup on an AWS provided server meeting the hardware specs. I believe I am at the final hurdle, yet I cannot access the Discourse page from neither the IPv4 Public IP address of the server nor the registered domain which points to the IP (and specified as the Hostname in the final ./discourse-setup stage). Pasting the IP address into a browser just opens a hanging blank page.

Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated!


Have you opened ports in the Amazon Security Group? That’s usually a common issue when it comes to AWS

second will be to check if you have created proper DNS records for your domain to point back to the public IP address of your Amazon EC2 instance (I assume by server you meant EC2)


Yes it is an EC2 instance, sorry for not specifying! I have created the proper DNS records, and opened the required ports and I can now advance to the front end and admin set up! thank you kindly for the tip!