Discourse on Github Codespaces not working

I’ve tried to run Discourse in Github Codespaces and it seems to get stuck somewhere.

The creation log ends with these lines:

Cleaning stale PID files
run-parts: executing /etc/runit/1.d/ensure-database
Started runsvdir, PID is 231

But the url that is available in the ports tab gives a 502 Bad Gateway.

Also the state of the terminal seems like it’s still doing something.

Running postStartCommand...

I haven’t found any docs about it, but there seems to be some support for it according to this message and the .devcontainer directory.

Does it still work? Are there any steps I need to take to make it work?

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I tested it when I first added support for it years ago. Recently @CvX was working on it, any ideas ?


I think everything should be working fine – the only step you’re missing is starting the server :smiley:

Switch to the other terminal tab (bash):

and run: bin/ember-cli -u

After it starts you can open the site by cmd-clicking/ctrl-clicking the URL in the output:

And you’re done!

I think we can streamline it a bit more. There’s definitely room for improvement!


Thanks, that did the trick!

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