Discourse OpenCollective Integration


Discourse OpenCollective

This plugin enables user synchronization with Discourse and OpenCollective users.

Github Repo : GitHub - sudaraka94/discourse-opencollective-integration: Opencollective integration for Discourse


  1. Grant a badge for the Open Collective Backers
  2. Add Open Collective backers into a seperate user group


Please suggest any new feature needed to be implemented or any bug here Feel free to use and ask questions here, or on Meta.


Here is a demo of the plugin in my local environment


Good timing! Vue, which has a vibrant Discourse community, just announced their presence on OpenCollective:

I’ve asked them to help beta-test this plugin :crossed_fingers:


@erlend_sh yeah indeed . Did they respond to your request ?

Not yet. Keep an eye on that topic to stay in the loop.

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Yeah @erlend_sh will keep an eye on the topic. I started the development of the next stage too.

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How is dev going? I see there was a report that it’s working in October, and a recent update to the license, but no new activity otherwise. My OpenCollective account is not active yet, but I am hoping to be able to test this soon.

Were you able to get the group sync working?

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HI @jetatomic,
I paused dev work as I was working on a Plugin for Preventing Malicious Linking . As I’m done with the work now I am going to start working on the second phase of open collective integration. I will be done with Add Open Collective donators into a seperate user group feature very soon. I will ping you as soon as I’m done. I’m very glad that u are hoping to test the plugin :slight_smile: .


Hi @jetatomic, I have completed group sync. I have tested it on my local discourse instance and its working :blush:

Does this mean that different sponsor/backer types can be mapped to individual groups?

We’re looking at Open Collective too and would love to have:

  • different backer type assigned different badge (perhaps this can be done via groups?)
  • different backer type assigned different group

End game would be to have minor backers allocated tiered badges, and major sponsors allowed access to secure categories as long as their periodic payment is active.

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