Discourse OpenCollective Integration

(Sudaraka Jayathilaka) #1


Discourse OpenCollective

This plugin enables user synchronization with Discourse and OpenCollective users.

Github Repo : GitHub - sudaraka94/discourse-opencollective-integration: Opencollective integration for Discourse


  1. Grant a badge for the Open Collective Backers
  2. Add Open Collective backers into a seperate user group


Please suggest any new feature needed to be implemented or any bug here Feel free to use and ask questions here, or on Meta.


Here is a demo of the plugin in my local environment

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Good timing! Vue, which has a vibrant Discourse community, just announced their presence on OpenCollective:

I’ve asked them to help beta-test this plugin :crossed_fingers:

(Sudaraka Jayathilaka) #3

@erlend_sh yeah indeed . Did they respond to your request ?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

Not yet. Keep an eye on that topic to stay in the loop.

(Sudaraka Jayathilaka) #5

Yeah @erlend_sh will keep an eye on the topic. I started the development of the next stage too.

(Andrew ) #6

How is dev going? I see there was a report that it’s working in October, and a recent update to the license, but no new activity otherwise. My OpenCollective account is not active yet, but I am hoping to be able to test this soon.

Were you able to get the group sync working?

(Sudaraka Jayathilaka) #7

HI @jetatomic,
I paused dev work as I was working on a Plugin for Preventing Malicious Linking . As I’m done with the work now I am going to start working on the second phase of open collective integration. I will be done with Add Open Collective donators into a seperate user group feature very soon. I will ping you as soon as I’m done. I’m very glad that u are hoping to test the plugin :slight_smile: .

(Sudaraka Jayathilaka) #8

Hi @jetatomic, I have completed group sync. I have tested it on my local discourse instance and its working :blush: