Discourse or RoR Course

  1. Is there some tutorial on how to go about installing Discourse on a self-hosted server ?
  2. Is it important to get the hang of RoR to edit templates etc ?

Are you looking for the standard install?

Rails is involved but the templates are more often a EmberJS artefact in the Discourse codebase as it’s a Single Page Application.

It’s unnecessary to get into the weeds to begin with though. You can edit a lot of the in app text in the admin dashboard and many other ready baked customisation options in #theme


Ok, so Rails is used just to server the API and Ember JS is used for the SPA ? That’s good to know.
So to edit the templates its Ember and to create plugins, its Ruby ?

Theme Conponents if you just want to edit the front end, Plugins if you want to customise the back end (and FE if you need)

A lot of material in #howto:devs and #dev

This link you’ve shared (discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub) is superb - I can direct my hosting company to help me out on this as its a shared hosting account, so no root. Thanks again.

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