Discourse Policy Plugin

I am setting up the standard package for a go live is there a checklist to use? Also the policy plugin is it available for all users? Sounds like I need to do self hosted to get that option? How can I turn that on?

Hi Tim

If you are referring to the checklist plugin that is available in core now so that will be available for you to use.

On official Discourse hosting the policy plugin is only available on Business or Enterprise plan. You can give self hosting a go or have a gander at Communiteq’s hosting plans.

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I am on the paid standard plan… are you saying I need to move to the self hosted plan and abandon the paid to get the plugin? Advise please this is an important option. I thought it would be included for 100 a month

You can check what plugins each hosting tier includes below

I’m sorry if there was any confusion with my post above.

checklist plugin is available on all hosting plans

How do I use it?

Discourse Checklist must first be enabled via site settings. Once enabled, users can add checklist-items to their post by typing []

Admin - Settings - Plugins tab


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