Discourse Polls Tell Logged-Out Users Their TL Isn’t High Enough

I noticed this on Try Discourse. The poll tells me I must be trust_level_0 to participate.

I think a more meaningful, user-friendly message would be that users must be logged in. My understanding is that it isn’t possible to dip below UTL 0, so if they don’t have a UTL of at least 0, it means they’re logged-out / not registered. Though I’m not sure if any message is required at all - I wouldn’t expect to be able to participate in a poll on a forum if not logged-in.


As an aside, @awesomerobot’s profile over there seems to be in a weird state; it perennially claims to have joined (and other things) “just now” - as if the data is either missing or somehow invalid.

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I think that may be a consequence of how that poll has been set up (ie. restricted to that particular group). Normally you wouldn’t restrict a poll to trust level 0, as it would be the same as just leaving it open to anyone to vote on it. If you click on an option it should being up the /signup page if you’re not logged in. I’ll tidy up the example for the next refresh. :+1:

This is a likely due to the nature of the refresh. We are looking at updating a few things over there very soon, so we may be able to smooth that out. :+1: