Discourse Reactions accidental likes

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A few of my users have reported this, as well as accidentally tapping like when tapping the number next to likes to see who liked.

People on my forum are saying its ‘easier’ to hit, which makes me think the ‘hit box’ is larger somehow? It looks like this plugin is not in use on meta and comparing the 2 doesnt look any different on my end. Its hard for me to distinguish if this is reality or their perception.

I am able to replicate an accidental like on my phone when scrolling where your thumb starts on the like button as you scroll.

Unrelated, I wish the reactions would right justify next to the likes instead of moving to the left, but I can understand there may be technical limitations to why that is.


I have remedied this on my side with the following common CSS added to themes:

.discourse-reactions-counter.only-like .reactions-counter {
    padding-right: 10px;
    padding-left: 0px;
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Can confirm; this is a known bug and on our queue to fix.