Super easy to accidentally press Like when Reactions enabled

About why it is super easy to accidentally press :heart: with this plugin: in a forum with this plugin, when scrolling, if the starting place of scrolling is on the :heart: button, the :heart: button is triggered; on the other hand, in a forum without this plugin, scrolling like this will not trigger :heart:. A lot of users on our forum is complaining about this issue, and I hope it can be fixed!


I’e noticed this on mobile too - when you scroll with your finger with a short press and happen to touch the heart, it is selected as you scroll. A long press displays the menu to choose a reaction as it scrolls by. Personally I am not so bothered by this - you can always select the heart again to quickly remove the like or select outside the reactions list to hide it again. Is there an alternative, better experience that you or your users can suggest?

It’s better to distinguish scrolling and pressing: scrolling should not trigger :heart:; short pressing = like, and long pressing = more reactions. Do you think this will have better user experience?

But is this not a case of “don’t do that?” Once you learn once or twice by accidentally liking and then unliking, you avoid pressing the heart when scrolling?

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Yeah I can learn that, however, there are a lot of users on our forum complaining about this. It is really easy to accidentally touch that button while scrolling…

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That’s surely right, this is a bug.

If you try here on meta, scrolling while touching like doesn’t trigger the like.

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Closing in favour of Discourse Reactions accidental likes