“Like” sensitivity on meta

Is it just me or is it extremely easy to accidentally “like” a post while scrolling on meta? The position of the heart is horizontally aligned right where I swipe and it seems even a light interaction with the icon creates a like. I do not have the same issue on my forum despite the position being the same.

I’m currently using the Android PWA app.


oh yes the screen sensitivity has gotten me a few times on Meta - especially in desktop view with the way it’s layed out.

there is a recent similar topic discussion and even a known bug:


Glad to know I’m not just gaslighting myself and this is a common experience :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems like the issue is with the reaction plugin, which agrees with how long I’ve been experiencing this problem on meta. My forum does not use the reaction plugin so another piece of evidence.

Ultimately this issue isn’t affecting my forum but I can say it’s pretty jarring find a post I accidentally liked here without realizing, combined with the default setting that prevents unlikes after a certain period of time.


I’ve experienced this too on mobile. The like button is literally there my thumb is scrolling. Which is great if I want to like things as its super convenient but then again annoying If I like things by mistake. Personally, this is a trivial issue that I can live with as I usually notice if I have liked something or not.


I don’t have this issue, but a slightly different one. When I want to like, it triggers the link button next to it instead.

When it’s in a category where we can click the solve button, Sometimes it triggers the solve the topic instead of liking the post.

But if nobody has the same experience, I’ll consider I just have clumsy fingers :upside_down_face:


On touch screen it seems that (only) the likes are triggered on the equivalent of mouse down (touchstart?), rather than on the equivalent of mouse click (touch?) (like the hyperlinks or the other buttons in the same toolbar).

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I hadn’t noticed before.

But i can indeed reproduce this too, the reaction “button” seems to be more “sensitive” to clicks than other UI elements.

My non-technical guess: it is using an event listener instead of relying on (in my case) iOS registering a valid click/touch.


As this has previously been reported, let’s close this topic off in favour of the other so we can better keep track. :+1:


On the other topic :slight_smile: