Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes

I got an issue with first reaction badge which it need a few hour to show user earned badge.

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Can you share your site settings for this plugin?

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I got the reason for this, Ill add a fix for it


@Ahmed_Gagan, all I’ve done is change the default Emojis, or did you mean some other settings too? I’m experiencing this behaviour on “own” posts only. This is happening to all users on their own posts, not just mine for me.

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 22.36.56

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Okay i got it, this not a bug. It’s normal behavior in which:

  • if post is yours and there’s no likes and reactions, button and reactions-list both won’t be displayed.
  • if post is yours and there are reactions other than like, then only reaction list will be displayed.
  • If post is yours and there are only likes then, only the reaction button will be displayed along with the count.

Also, displaying html is missed by us, ill remove it.

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@noplanman Sorry for getting it wrong, I think there’s some other plugin breaking your plugin. Can you share list of installed plugins? In my local I can see other’s reactions on my posts.

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Here my list of plugins. Seems strange that any of these should be breaking the reactions, but sometimes weird stuff happens!

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 23.48.57


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Can you bump to the latest discourse & reactions plugin? I think it might solve the issue, As I can not reproduce the issue even after enabling all 3 plugins, and in the screenshot, you shared the setting for discourse-reactions-enabled-reactions seems to be quite old the new one looks like this.

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Hi @Ahmed_Gagan, thanks for your reply.

I’m using the docker image provided by Bitnami, so I’m locked to version 2.6.5 until they update their image.

Where can I see the Discourse version I’m on?
Is it in the admin panel somewhere?

I have the latest plugins installed, so that should be ok.

I’ve noticed that I get some errors in the browser console which might explain why the reactions view isn’t the pretty version. I get a CSP violation and also a JS error:

  • Content Security Policy: The page’s settings observed the loading of a resource at eval (“script-src”). A CSP report is being sent.
  • "component:emoji-value-list" was not found by modifyClass

Might be tied to the same issue, not sure.

Anything else I can try?

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I am afraid you are in unsupported territory here, we only support our official docker installs here. Regardless all support for reactions is tightly limited to tests-passed at the moment


Ok, I understand!

Maybe there is a fix I can plug in until a new version is released, I’m hopeful for that :innocent:

Edit: Updated to Discourse 2.6.5, same problem.

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Hello. Is there any way to remove or convert reactions for emoji I’ve decided to stop offering?


It would require console access, maybe @Ahmed_Gagan can write a quick example.


I’m OK with using the console.


@FroggyC just paste this code into your console & call this method. It’s defining a method to convert your reactions.

  • convert_to: Reaction name to which you want to convert
  • convert_from: name of the reaction you want to convert
def convert_reaction(convert_to, convert_from)
    return unless DiscourseReactions::Reaction.valid_reactions.include?(convert_to)

    reaction = DiscourseReactions::Reaction.find_by(reaction_value: convert_from)

    return if !reaction

    reaction.reaction_users.each do |reaction_user|
      post = Post.find_by(id: reaction_user.post_id)
      user = User.find_by(id: reaction_user.user_id)

      next unless post && user

      result = DiscourseReactions::ReactionManager.new(reaction_value: convert_to, user: user, guardian: Guardian.new(user), post: post).toggle!

      return unless result && result.success

Calling example:

convert_reaction('heart', 'open_mouth')

This means the open_mouth reaction will be converted to heart


Probably worth just adding a rake task here to the plugin.


Sure, Ill add a PR with the rake task


Since I activated this plugin users and also admin receiving the same notification after some time again. why is that?

I mean the old notification popup again, like yesterday I got the notification for like or reply and today got the same notification popup again. :confused:

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We seem to have some very click-happy users on our site (I’d like to think the content is worthy of it!)

They’ve had this message, which from a bit of Googling, I think is from this plugin?

My question is - is this a setting that can be modified? If not, what’s the limit, please?

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Im sorry that’s not a report good enough for me to act. There is known behavior where it will not group notifications of reactions with likes, but Im unclear based on the data provided if you are hitting this or not.