Discourse returns a 403 when attempting to load the main site

One of our users is unable to access our Discourse https://club.ministryoftesting.com. The loading animation continues to do its thing whilst there’s a 403 in the network tab. They also can’t access another Discourse instance.

Have you had other users encounter this problem? Perhaps they need to whitelist sites hosted on Discourse. How might they do that?

It could be a browser extension? Can they try accessing the site in a private/incognito window to test it out? (or a different, extensionless browser)


Yes, that’s likely a browser extension, ad blocker or virus scanner.
If it blocks random sites, it’s crap anyway, so just tell them to get rid of it.


Great, thanks for the suggestions, @JammyDodger and @RGJ. I’ll ask them to try out your suggestions and report back.