Can not access Discourse - blank page

Hi to all,

we started having issues with our Discourse throughout the course of last week and can only see a blank page when we access it on our Wordpress site, the Discourse is not displaying.

I wondered if anyone has been experiencing the same and what the cause might be?



Have you tried using safe mode?


I had a similar problem few days ago, the culprit turned out to be AdBlock


Hey Dominika, just to confirm, are you only seeing an issue on Wordpress pages with Discourse comments enabled? If that’s the case, please share your Wordpress hosting provider. It may be the same issue reported here.


I have the same issue here on meta with latest uBlock Origin (1.34.0), where it shows a blank page only. Other Discourse sites which are not using any of CloudFront do not show the same problems.

Edit: I’ve now purged all caches on the uBlock filter lists, updated all the filter lists and the problem is gone. Seems like they had CloudFront in one of their filters and this caused too much problems with legit sites using this Amazon AWS service.


Thank you all for comments, questions and suggestions - as of the latest development, I get 502 Bad Getaway nginx error when trying to open our Discourse on Wordpress.

I am in fact seeking a junior web master who would be able to help out with general Wordpress (and WP Discourse plugin) maintenance as well as be on hand when anything troubleshoots. If anyone is able to recommend someone good, I will appreciate the help.