Discourse Show Fullname in Mentions

A theme component to display the full name instead of usernames in @mentions.

This theme component loads the full name of the user and display @fullname instead of @username in mentions.

This component works by simply replacing the username with the name of the user (if available) when displaying the posts. Nothing changes while editing. You still tag @username like always in the composer.

It also adds the class .mention-fullname to the a.mention anchor element if you wish the style full name mentions in a distinct way.

Displaying the card when clicking in the @fullname mentions remains fully functional.

Use case:

Imagine a Discourse instance where every username name follows the pattern X9999999 (one letter and seven numbers). Now imagine there are 100k users registered.

Not very friendly, right? Unfortunately, this is a very real scenario and not an imaginary one. The Discourse instance is bonded to SSO and all usernames follow corporate policy.

It’s much better in this case to read @John Doe instead of @X9999999.


  • show_fullname_in_mentions: If enabled @mentions will show the @fullname instead of the @username