Discourse showing everything blank. Titles, Categories

This what discourse showing to me. nothing
I am new to this platform please help me with this. its showing nothing. my discourse is up to date.

Oh no!

Can you provide more details please?
Was there content before?
What has changed?

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I changed nothing. I just visit it yesterday and it was like this. forum.biggbossgossips.com is my site

The first thing to try is safe mode, plus the common questions…

  • is this our standard docker based install? If not, we don’t support it
  • what version is it?
  • what third party extensions do you have if any?
  • how much disk space is free on the server?
  • how much memory is free on the server?

This to me looks like bad CSS, some font specified is no longer displaying or is in white on white.

  1. This is a One Click installation from Digital Ocean.
  2. v1.9.0.beta4 This is the version.
  3. I didn’t install any kind of extensions
  4. Not out of disk space,
  5. Not out of memory

This is a fresh installation and I have 2 GB + 40 GB I think its enough for now.

Can you look in the browser console tab and networking tab?

Look at the poll I have created.

and the “Console” too please.

Everything seems clear but I don’t know what is this

I see this in your css files:

// Theme: Default
// Target: common scss
// Last Edited: 2017-07-29 15:16:16 UTC

.radios #local, .radios label[for="local"], .radios input[type="file"], span, .hint{
  display: none!important;;

Doesn’t look standard to me. And It’s definitely what is hiding texts.


Oh Yes, its OK now

I don’t who did this. sorry and thanks for your time. Thank you so much.