Discourse Signup Banner Component

This component for connects into the core signup CTA and will show a pop up banner (in addition to the normal CTA block at the end of a topic.)

The showing of this banner, as well as the built in Signup CTA at the bottom of a topic requires criteria to be met.

The criteria are:

  • User is anonymous
  • User has read at least two topics
  • User has read for at least two minutes

Topic List Page

Topic Page


MAN YOU READ MY MIND!!! Getting ready for a public launch for a community Im working with and this is exactly what I needed!

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Thanks for this!

We are using Memberful for signups - would it still work?

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The signup button transitions user’s to the Discourse sign-up route. It should be the same as if a user clicked on the normal sign up button at the top of a Discourse site.