How can I add a banner asking new users to register

I was going through the Monzo Community without logging in and I was shown this banner:

How can I add this to another Discourse based community as an admin?

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Hey @Aswathy_Nambiar, welcome to Meta :wave:

The banner in your post is a built-in feature in Discourse. So, you don’t need to make any changes.

That banner will not show up immediately to all users who are not logged in. It follows this logic.

  1. the user must have a total reading time of at least 2 minutes
  2. the user must view more than two topics on your site

Once those conditions are met, the user will see that banner.


I think it’s automatic if you leave this ticked:

enable signup cta

Show a notice to returning anonymous users prompting them to sign up for an account.


Thanks @Johani!
What about the communication displayed in the banner? Is that automatic as well? Can I customise that?


Sure, there are two sections here that you can customize.

The intro text


and the body of the message


You can customize both of those if you go to

and search for those keys.