Discourse Square Logo Rendering Issue in Tweets

We’ve just launched a Discourse forum. As part of that we created custom logos. When we tweet a link from the forum on Twitter, the 144x144 square logo isn’t rendering properly. It’s picking up some black coloring artifacts. The file looks fine from within the Discourse environment.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot to show what I mean. There shouldn’t be any black on this logo. It should just be blue/orange with a white background:

What I’ve tried
The initial logo was a transparent png file. I switched to jpg file with a white background, but the same issue occurs.

Any thoughts as to how I can get started fixing this?

Thank you in advance!

I suspect twitter has cached the transparent PNG you were using, if I put the URL into this then it displays the new JPG correctly: https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator

Hopefully the cache will get updated soonish



Ah, thanks very much! That’s helpful and much appreciated, especially since it appears the problem will correct itself.

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I can confirm, here’s what I’m seeing


Yep, it fixed itself once the cache updated. For me, it was about 12 hours before it corrected itself.

I suppose there still is the question of why the transparent png file didn’t render properly, but that was easily circumvented by converting the image to a jpg file.

Thanks for the help everyone!