Translation bug, and logo problem

Logo is not displaying, but by holding i can open image on the new card

Polish Language -> [missing %{count} value]

Discourse Version:

I checked, and there is a bug. The first time you enter the site, the logo is visible. After logging in and out, the logo crashes again :confused:

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I believe the second screenshot gives you the answer, there is an option to force https in the discourse parameters/security tab

In your browser console you can see:
Chargement du contenu mixte d’affichage « » (non sécurisé) sur une page sécurisée
(sorry for the french :sweat_smile: )

As for the translation problem, it might have to wait a little bit because off the transifex/crowdin swtich, I saw a post dedicated to polish translation… here !


Fource https don’t fix that :confused:
I have checked with reseting cache

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Maybe nginx configuration?
I have redirect from http to https

hum…:thinking: doesn’t seem likely
You still have the “http mixed” warning though, could you try to re-upload your logo? it’s the favicon, which is an optimized version of the logo, that causes it :

your logo being :

with force_https enable, the optimized versions of it should also show as https after re-upload :crossed_fingers:


Works! Thank You for help!


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