Discourse stopped working after installing Plesk

(Ibn Adam) #1


I created a new droplet on DigitalOcean using available Discourse one-click app, and then installed Plesk Onyx on it. Now I am unable to access discourse, neither using IP nor using domain name.

I am trying to follow the instructions given here: Running other websites on the same machine as Discourse and I have already edited /var/discourse/containers/app.yml as mentioned. But the problem is with the next step. I cannot find /etc/nginx/conf.d/discourse.conf
Also tried to follow this tutorial Need help with installing Discourse and Wordpress | DigitalOcean but once again there is no /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

Where else can I look for this config file?

Additional info: The tutorials suggest running discourse as a sub-domain, but I want to have separate domain names for discourse and for websites running under plesk.

(Matt Palmer) #2

You’re supposed to create /etc/nginx/conf.d/discourse.conf on the host.

(Ibn Adam) #3

I have created the file with the configuration given in tutorial, but the domain and IP still loads the plesk page, not the discourse page.