Install Discourse on Plesk(Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)

Hello Guys,

i have followed the Install Tutorial for Plesk Onyx (Ubuntu 14.04), but i had many problems.

Now i have everything working on my Plesk and i decided to make a new Tutorial(Mail with the Plesk Mail Server)

1. Set options in Plesk

2. Install Docker

  • Go to Extensions.

  • Search for Docker and install the extension. Now you have Docker as menu point in the side menu.

3. Install Discourse

Now you need an ssh access to your server who is Plesk hosted.
My example data:
Domain: forum.domain.tld
E-Mail: mail@domain.tld
E-Mail: password123

  • Download the git.

    sudo -s
    git clone /var/discourse
    cd /var/discourse

  • Now we must edit the setup script.

    nano discourse-setup

  • Scroll down to this:

  • And change it to this:

  • Exit with STRG+X and type Y then press enter to save the file.

  • Launch the setup.


  • Now answer some questions.

    Hostname for your Discourse? []: forum.domain.tld
    Email address for admin account(s)? [,]: mail@domain.tld
    SMTP server address? []: Plesk (Yeah write Plesk in the line)
    SMTP port? [587]: 25 (The Port from the Mailserver in Plesk is 25)
    SMTP user name? []: mail@domain.tld
    SMTP password? [pa$$word]: password123
    Let's Encrypt account email? (ENTER to skip) []: (to skip this press enter)

  • It takes a while, wait until you get back to the command line. The Docker container fails to start. It doesn’t matter. Now we change the app.yml to work with Plesk.

    nano containers/app.yml

  • Change the Ports and comment two lines. Before:

  • After:

  • Exit with STRG+X and type Y then press enter to save the file.

  • It’s time to rebuild the container.

    ./launcher rebuild app

  1. Change the hosts File in the docker emulation.
  • Now we change the hosts file, so discourse can use the Plesk Mail Server. Enter the Docker container.

    ./launcher enter app

  • Wait until the command line comes back. Now we install nano.

    apt-get install nano

  • Let us change the hosts file.

    nano /etc/hosts

  • add the last line:
  • Exit with STRG+X and type Y then press enter to save the file
  • Exit the container


  1. Change the Plesk Proxy settings

I hope i can help somebody.

Greetings from germany

PS: Thanks to Google Translator :smiley:


@Vault1337 Ich bekomme es nicht zum laufen wäre super wenn du mir helfen konntest danke.