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What does PM mean in this instance?

And thank you for the reply I have it bookmarked for thought, as well, to whomever it may concern I had a contributor end up with a name in their profile/invoice, they asked me about it, (it wasn’t them) I in turn asked Stripe and this was the response from Stripe

I checked the customer profile in question and found that it was created by Discourse via API. During the creation process, the name “Tina Walker” was passed in the API request. Therefore, I’m afraid that it is expected for the customer profile to display the name “Tina Walker.” You may want to review the API request provided below:

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Source: Stripe/v1 RubyBindings/11.1.0 Discourse Subscriptions/2.8.2 (GitHub - discourse/discourse-subscriptions: A Discourse plugin that allows payments and subscription management via Stripe.)

“name”: “Tina Walker”

Date and time: 5/19/24, 11:43:46 AM

Uh, it means PR, or Pull Request. Sorrry about that.

So at some point “Tina Walker” was hard-coded into the Name field in the code? (It seems not to be the case now).

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Thank you, and forgive me but that’s how an update is entered into a plug-in enhancing or improving it?

Ok, just relaying my experience with the feature, and I will also add being super impressed with customer service from Stripe :partying_face:

Awesome job on the plugin. Setup is easy and straightforward.

Are there any plans to have the following settings available at the Product - Level?

  • discourse subscriptions pricing table id
  • discourse subscriptions pricing table enabled

Currently, these are global settings. It only allows for 1 pricing table, but there might be use case where there’s multiple products that each have their own pricing table in Stripe and a desire to use Stripe Checkout.


  • Product 1
    ** Bronze Plan - $10
    ** Silver Plan - $20
    ** Gold Plan - $50

  • Product 2
    ** Bronze Plan - $50
    ** Silver Plan - $100
    ** Gold Plan - $250

Ideally, Product 1 and Product 2 would have separate pricing tables. The ‘Subscribe’ button for a given product on the ‘/s’ page would launch Stripe Checkout.

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