Discourse-tooltips - preview topic contents on hover


(Robin Ward) #1

I’ve just released the first version of discourse-tooltips, which will preview the contents of topics on hover:

In the future the plugin will show more tooltips but this seemed like a good start :slight_smile:

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(Алексей Копаев) #9

but how to make it so that if there is an image, so that it is also shown when it is being hovered?

(Robin Ward) #10

There’s no such option for that currently. I’m using our standard ExcerptParser and I don’t believe it has an option to keep images. If it did, we’d also have to figure out some CSS so it would look horrible.

I’d accept a PR that did it carefully behind a site setting.


The plugin works as intended on the topics on the category page (I have it set to categories + latest), but there’s no tooltip showing up on topic hover on any other page. I’ve looked around in settins for something that could be causing a conflict but haven’t spotted anything yet.

(Christoph) #18

Does this display the content of the first or the last post? Or perhaps of the first unread post?

(Robin Ward) #19

It’s always the first post.