Discourse Tour - do we have such one?

Some sites offers a “tour” when you login to a new site first time.

Like this one when I login at hotmails new beta version.


Does someone have added such feature for discourse?


I like your idea, but we already have such feature called discobot, which kinda does the same thing your requesting, if enabled discobot will PM a new user with a welcome message, asking the user to complete the tour guide, which is totally optional.


I was thinking about the same thing this morning.

I could see using something similar as a sort of new “banner style” topic for announcements that you want everyone to see at least once.

I’d love to see this too. Discobot is cool but very, very few new members in my community respond to it, and of those that do respond rarely do they make it all the way through to the end.

It’s been discussed before - keyword “onboarding”.




Keep in mind though, many users “sign up” cause they want to fill in words in a white box.

They don’t want to search for anything, they don’t want to learn anything, all they want is to put special important words in a white box cause that is the mission they are on.

Banners/bots or anything will not get in the way of that.


For internal sites like ours, they sign up because it’s just “hey, glad you joined the org, here’s a communication tool we all use, that you should too,” and also “but you can’t see it until you log in”.

Having an initial, “cool, how so how do we use this?” walk through would be very helpful appropriate for us.


What about a banner here? does that do the trick?

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Yeah, not a burning issue or anything.

We currently use banner topic(s), and the weekly newsletter includes a weekly tip as well, to help address this. (All the old issues and tips can be listed respectively, too). Just think this would be a nice UX and would be happy to try it out if anyone is already doing something like it with a plugin.


This is partly why I built the Custom Wizard plugin.

e.g. the Welcome wizard when you sign up for an account on my sandbox.