Discourse Trendy Login

A theme component that changes the default design of static login page (/login) on login required sites and adds the ability to customize the page content via component settings.

Here are the available component settings:

  • custom_bg_image : custom image link for background
  • custom_bg_color : custom color code for background
  • custom_bg_gradient_1 : first color code for gradient
  • custom_bg_gradient_2 : second color code for gradient
  • login_header : main header content, allows HTML markup
  • login_subheader : sub header content, allows HTML markup
  • login_button_border : color code for border and login/signup buttons

Note that the settings priority are in this order: custom_bg_image > custom_bg_color > custom_bg_gradient_1/2.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


This is a #theme-component that I’ve wanted for a long time now. I’m glad that a like-minded individual has officially created it! :grin:

This will go great with what I’m doing…


Hi Meghna! This is a sweet theme component. Thanks for creating it! I’m using it on my neighborhood forum, and it looks amazing. :heart_eyes:

I’m running into a little bit of trouble with the text color, which I think is taken from the theme and appears not to be customizable in the theme component. In my case it is too light against the white background of the trendy box. Would it be possible for you to make the color of the text and white background also customizable?

Otherwise the component is great as it is, but I have another suggestion. It might be nice to try to have the trendy login styling follow the site theme entirely. That way sites will have a consistent user experience.


Sure, it’s done.

It’s not trivial to follow the site theme entirely in this component but what I’ve done now is that the component will follow the theme’s primary and secondary color. So the background and text color of the box will look similar to the site’s theme and the contrast will be better.