Trendy Login directing to FAQs?

It stills working?

I tried to use it with based air-theme and I got the login into FAQ (not /login). What can be wrong?

I suspect that’s something related to my installation but I don’t know how to look into.


It was working for me on Air Theme. But disabled it as didn’t read the Op properly and didn’t realize it closes the view site without login

Try it with defaults and maybe try preview as it runs component without others active.

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I just did a test and see the component still works but it conflicts with a new core change. Now private sites are more welcoming by default. With trendy login you get potentially duplicative information.

I would recommend not using trendy now that we have this change in core. Just edit your site description.


Should we update this component to auto-disable itself on latest Discourse, and mark this topic as broken?


Yeah, I had that thought. But some people might prefer trendy because it can provide more flexibility in the info you show people before they log in.


Modals are totally out of the actual UI/UX standarts and the same applies for non-rounded buttons and/or animations on hover, for mention some things little outdated =)

That’s not a very big deal when the communities are related to devs but some of us are working with people (we love devs and people too) and I think that’s explains why Flarum exists, like a beauty or polished copy of Discourse and no more else.

I hope Discourse can give a look -and a couple of bucks- to improve at least the most used escenarios of our websites like login, PMs, chat and discussions :pray:

This is a theme component so you are free to design it as you see fit for your site.

The new login screen in core already has a cleaner design, so no theme component is needed in fact unless you want to have different text from the site description on your login screen.

Moving away from the modal is already in the roadmap and will be coming at some point in the not too distant future.


I just updated the component to make it compatible with latest Discourse version via this PR:

I had to remove some customization settings to make it work with new static login page, but the component still allows adding a custom background gradient/image and allows adding detailed description on login modal. Here is how it looks with above changes:

Compared with how it looks without the component installed:


Your changes are now merged so I gave it a spin. Looks great!

The only issue I am finding is that it is now displaying both the contents of the site description admin setting and the contents of the login subheader field from the theme component.

It should, methinks, only display the contents of the login subheader field.


Agreed, fixed via: