Discourse Trust Levels for Discord

(Will) #24

That doesn’t sound like any of the developers I know (myself included)

(Alkaline Thunder) #25

Ehh, I guess my experience in .NET kinda showed there, usually I tend to find a NuGet package that does what I want before I try to do it myself lol. Though, I suppose it depends on the environment and what you’re trying to accomplish.

I do think that there are some features that a Discord bot could do a lot better than a webhook can (which is what the chat integration plugin uses), like getting notified of PMs through a Discord DM, being able to turn certain things on/off per-user/in your preferences, etc. Just not super sure how many people would use that - though, I also said that about trust levels in Discord before I posted this thread - and look where we are now :slight_smile:

(Will) #26

I’m a .NET/TypeScript developer myself. Our gaming guild has needed something like what you’re doing for a while now and I started looking into doing something similar to this myself a couple days before your first post.

Then you apparently just read our minds and started implementing or planning all the features we want so I was able to go back to playing Oxygen Not Included :slight_smile:

(Alkaline Thunder) #27

Heh - what are the chances? I’m a gamedev myself and I wanted to integrate my Discord guild with Discourse which is why I decided to implement it. I also wanted to dust off my Discord bot dev skills because I haven’t been able to really use them for anything practical until now.

(Alkaline Thunder) #28

Hey guys - just another small update.

  • I fixed an issue where the bot generates sso links that call back to a URL on a different port than port 80/443 when running behind a reverse proxy, thus causing a timeout.

  • We’re putting together a team to get this thing ported to a Discourse plugin. Should hopefully have an update on that in the next week or two. :slight_smile: