Discourse Trust Levels for Discord

I’m all for using oauth2 or any other means of eliminating user malice and/or error.

I was just proposing a quick and dirty solution to getting around the discord email look up problem.

The work to achieve that was done months ago by @featheredtoast and if that’s all you need you can install the plugin which @falco linked above.

As to the scope of this topic, building on that link to sync trust levels, if you can’t wait for @sudaraka to finish his work your other option is to post over on #marketplace. Include your proposed budget to see whether another developer would be willing to build this for you sooner.


Yes. This is correct as far as I can tell, being a user of both plugins.

Patreon requires log-in via Patreon, then syncs your account to your pledge tier.

Would be great to sync Discord roles via Discourse, since Discourse has the information via Patreon already once logged in.

I’d like to gauge interest for an Discourse plugin that does the following:

  1. An administrative interface for an admin to connect their Discourse instance to a Discord instance via the Discord API. The authentication would be via OAuth 2.

  2. Controls to associate Discourse Groups with Discord Roles, so that members of a group have a certain discord role and vice versa.

Note that this won’t involve or rely on Discord OAuth as a method of user account authentication. The goal is a have a solution that is agnostic about the way you let you users sign up / login.

In terms of identifying users across both platforms, this will be handled by associating ids as a first step, then by email if the relevant id is not available.

If you’re interested in sponsoring such a plugin, now’s your chance. I have time to work on it next week.

@Bernstein @Hanzo1 @Watercolor_Games

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Just an update here, we’re going ahead with building this.

Further details here:

If you want to sync Discourse Groups and Discord Roles, we’d appreciate a contribution to the Paypal pool for this work here (currently one sponsor):